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Blogging Tips from and for #MuseumBloggers

Recently we celebrated our 3rd birthday with Museum Blog/gers Day, co-hosted by Jamie from the blog Museum Minute. The event totally exceeded out expectations – there were over 2,000 tweets, and the hashtag #MuseumBlogs trended in 9 different countries! We could hardly keep up with all the recommendations, and are still in the process of [...]


Something to tempt you to sign up for the Museum Marathon…

It’s April! The month of the Museum Marathon. On the 26 April, we will be walking a route of 20km around 26 of Berlin’s finest museums, to raise money for the charity ’1001 Ramps for Germany’ which provides wheelchair access via portable ramps to public buildings that are otherwise not accessible. The event is free [...]


Wie funktioniert der Museum Marathon? / How does the Museum Marathon work?

[scroll down for English] Am 26. April findet in Berlin der zweite Museum Marathon statt (den ersten gab es letzten Dezember in London). Auf einer Strecke von 20km werden wir 26 verschiedene Museen ablaufen, um Geld für einen wohltätigen Zweck zu sammeln – ein so genannter ‘sponsored walk’. Da aber das Fundraising Konzept eines ‘sponsored [...]


Save the Date! Museum Memories Day, Tuesday 13th May

Museum Memories Day (#MusMem) first took place in 2011, as a run up to International Museum Day (IMD), and was a global success! The theme for IMD that year was Museum and Memory, and over 1,300 individual twitterers took part in the event, making #MusMem trend in twelve countries worldwide including Australia, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, South [...]


Party Like A Dino!

This month, the Children’s Museum Indianapolis is celebrating the 10th birthday of its Dinosphere, an immersive paleontology exhibit that takes you inside the sights, sounds, and smells of the Cretaceous Period. To mark the occasion the museum’s social media team is hosting a Twitter Party today (12 March), and everybody is invited!   So, what [...]