Museum Exposure

At Museum140 we love numbers, so we could not let such a date as 11.11.11 pass by without doing something to mark the occasion. We decided to create a photographic time capsule on Flickr to capture a snapshot of museums around the world on this one particular day in time.

We called it Museum Exposure because we liked the play on words: exposure is a term commonly used in photography, the main focus of our project, but by adding the photographs to the time capsule the museums are also being exposed, i.e. presented.

There have been similar photography projects before, but this one is different in that all photographs must have been taken on that day, i.e. 11th November 2011, so no old photographs allowed, and there’s also a limit to the number of photographs you can contribute (a maximum of, you might have guessed it, 11 photographs).

Taking part is really easy:

  1. Join the Museum Exposure Flickr group at:
  2. Grab your camera on 11th November, head out to your nearest museum (perhaps you even work in one, in which case you won’t have far to go^^) and get snapping!
  3. Choose up to a maximum of 11 photographs (or fewer) and upload them to the group.

Most of all we want everyone to have fun with this project, but please remember torespect the photography policies of any museums you are visiting!

By the way, if you’re reading this after 11 November and didn’t sign up in time, but you happened to take some museum photos that day anyway, it’s not too late. The group will remain open to join and add photos to for a week or two.


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