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This week we started back with Adopt-a-Museum after our Christmas break and already we’ve got new submissions coming in, which shows how the project continues to resonate with our followers. We are therefore thrilled that Museum140 has been nominated in the Shorty Awards, which honour the best in social media. It really adds significance to all our hard work over the last year in connecting people and museums, and especially to our endeavours to put some of the smaller, lesser known museums into the spotlight through Adopt-a-Museum. And we wouldn’t be where we are now without you!

Museum140 has been nominated in the category museum, alongside some big names from the museum sector, and while we don’t know whether we stand a chance of winning, we’d like to think we could at least make it into the six finalists. So, once again we need your help! If you love Adopt-a-Museum and have enjoyed the other projects we’ve have brought to you in the last year, please vote for us.
If you need a little extra encouragement, check out the lovely campaign video* that our clever tech support @thingsinjars has produced for us:

For the museogeeks of you interested in the tech side of things, here’s@thingsinjars in his own words on producing the video:

HTML5 slideshows are all pretty cool, but most of them deliberately emulate traditional slide presentations. When I saw ImpressJS for the first time last week, I was astounded. Its style is based on but built using CSS3 rather than Flash. As well as being an inventive way of giving presentations, it also gave me an idea.

A couple of hours coding later and we’ve got a simple but stylish video with every word and phrase positioned perfectly. I wrote a little helper function to assist in creating a consistent timeline and recorded it in Screenflow (the advantage of that is it can then be played in any browser, as the original ImpressJS only works in browsers that support CSS3 such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera). After that, I spent 10 minutes with the other kind of keyboard and came out with a nice little piece of background music, too.

So, there you go, ImpressJS is not only good for slideshows but also promo videos. Not bad.

We hope you enjoy the video, and thank you in advance for your continuing support.


* @thingsinjars chose Museum140 Shorty as the title of the video as, he says, “it rhymes”. I guess that answers the question whether it should be pronounced museum-one-four-o or museum-one-forty ;-)


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