Help us find the perfect birthday cake!

OK, so we promised you some more info about the plans for our 1st birthday, and we hinted there would be cake involved. Basically, our birthday celebrations will be two-fold:

1. Collecting Cake Recipes

In the next two weeks leading up to our birthday, we’re inviting you all to help us find the perfect birthday cake by sending in your favourite cake recipes. If you have any good recipes that cater to special diets, e.g. gluten free, vegan etc, even better, but all recipes will be gratefully received.

You can either share your recipes by posting them on your blog and sharing the link (easiest way is to post the link as a comment below), or if you don’t have your own blog then you can just email us your recipes at info [at] museum140 [dot] com. If you have a photo to go with your recipe, that would be great too – what better excuse to get baking!

We’ll be collecting all photos on our Pinterest birthday board, so please be aware that by blogging or sending us your recipes you are giving your consent for us to pin them. It goes without saying that you should only use photographs you took yourself or have permission to use, and the same goes for crediting your sources on any recipes you haven’t created yourself. (By the way, you don’t need to be on Pinterest yourself to take part).

Where there’s a birthday, there’s also goodie bags. Unfortunately we can’t send you all one, but we’ll have some goodie bags for two lucker bakers – one recipe picked at random, and one recipe we like best to bake as our birthday cake. Deadline for submitting recipes to win a goodie bag is 9pm UK time on Sunday 18 March.

2. Twitter Chat about Museum Cafés

Where do you eat cake? In a café! So, on the day of our birthday itself (19 March) we’ll be inviting you all to join us on Twitter for a chat about your favourite museum cafés and recommendations – hashtag: #MusCafe. More on why and when later this week, in the mean time, get baking!

(We just wanted to give some credit to the Initiative Sonntagssuess, which gave us the idea for the communal Pinterest cake board)


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