The Shorty Awards – and the winners are…

The winners of the Shorty Awards were announced this week. Sadly, #museum had been demoted from a featured category to one of several thousand community categories which don’t get honoured at the awards themselves. Considering our campaign efforts, not least our fab video that @thingsinjars knocked together for us, this was very disappointing, even more so as the Shorty Awards ignored all our attempts to ask them about the reasoning behind the demotion. But we’re looking on the bright side – over 40 people poured out their love for us, and we’ve been left with some wonderful testimonials. And featured category or not, your votes helped us to come in third place, not bad for a wee independent startup that had only been going for less than a year. So a big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated and votes for us. We love you too!

Here’s a random selection of some of the nominations:

I nominate @museum140 for a Shorty Award in #museum because…

…of being highly conversational, creative and helpful.

…it’s clever, innovative, helpful and friendly.

…they are brilliant at connecting the museums’ community.

…it makes the world’s museum workers really close neighbours.

…it inspires and challenges museum professionals!

…adoptamuseum is a great social community project.

…it raises the profile of the smaller, independent museums.

…they are innovative and they promote lesser known museums.

…of its innovative use of social media to promote museums.

…they help everyone remember that museums are FUN!


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