FAQ: How can I contribute to Museum Souvenirs?

It’s time to answer another ‘Ask Us Anything’ question, and following the recent launch of our Museum Souvenirs project, many people have been asking how they can get involved. It’s really easy! For each souvenir we need the following:


  • At least 1 photo, max. 6 photos (e.g. to show different sides)
  • If submitting more than 1 photo, please indicate which is the main one
  • All photos must be landscape format with minimum width 960 px


  • Title of your souvenir (e.g. “Keychain”)
  • Name of the Museum
  • Location of the Museum
  • Year the souvenir was bought/ received (if known)
  • Your name
  • Page you want your name to link to, e.g. Twitter (optional)
  • Short description/story to go with your souvenir, max. 100 words!

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