How to survive a Long Night of Museums

Tomorrow the 31st Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) is taking place here in Berlin. Jenni will be heading along to take part, and although we’ve only been in Berlin for a year it’s actually her third time as it happens twice a year, on the last Saturday in January and August, and the first one was just a week after we’d arrived.

Jenni has put together a list of handy tips on how to survive the night, and since Long Nights of Museums are not unique to Berlin and take place all over the world, we thought some of the tips might be transferable and useful to our followers.

  1. Study the programme & pick some favourites
  2. Remember, Berlin is BIG
  3. Get ahead of time
  4. Don’t expect to see everything
  5. Make the most of your ticket
  6. Go with the flow
  7. Consider alternative routes
  8. Don’t get stranded
  9. Take a friend
  10. Wear comfy shoes & keep hydrated

For a full version of Jenni’s top ten tips, head over to Museum Diary.


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