Meetup. Tweetup. MuseUp.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coater ride for us. Over 2,000 followers on Twitter, 200 fans on Facebook, and we featured our 50th Adopt-a-Museum. Where to from here?

Well, after 18 months of successful online social media projects, we’re super excited to announce our first offline project. You may remember a few weeks ago we tweeted live from the launch party of Timeline, a new initiative that aims to bring together people and projects in the digital world. And now we’re teaming up with Timeline to launch a series of museum tweetups here in Berlin. We’ve been playing with the idea of organising Tweetups for museums for a while, and so has Hie-suk Yang, who is part of the Timeline team. So, we thought, what could be better for a co-operation!

Under the name MuseUp we want to bring Tweetups to a range of large and small, renowned and unusual museums in the lager Berlin area. Every three to four months, Twitter fanatics and newbies, bloggers, photo enthusiasts and of course museum fans can look forward to a new museum Tweetup. We’ll be covering the English side of MuseUp, whilst Timeline will accompany you in German.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and to tweeting together with you!

The first #MuseUp will take place on Monday, 12 November in the C|O Berlin at 6pm. We’ll be inviting you on a free guided tour, both in English and in German, around the new Joel Sternfeld exhibition. Places are limited, so you will need to register. We’ll be posting more details about the Tweetup and the exhibition both here and on Timeline soon. In the mean time, if you already want to register, just head over to Eventbrite.

For everyone who is now scratching their head and asking themselves what on earth a museum Tweetup is, it’s basically a meetup, usually a guided tour, where the participants give a running commentary on Twitter with their impressions, photographs etc. Other Twitter users can join in online, e.g. by tweeting in questions. Everyone uses the same hashtag to keep the discussion together (our hashtag will be #MuseUp).

First to introduce museum Tweetups in Germany where the Kulturkonsorten in Munich, in September 2011, followed by KultUp in Frankfurt in March 2012. If you read German, Kulturkonsorten give an overview of their format, whilst KultUp keep a very good photo archive on Flickr. A popular way of documenting tweetups is via Storify, such as in this example of a recent Tweetup from the Kulturkonsorten.

We hope we’ve whet your appetite for more, and if you’re in Berlin on 12 November, we look forward to welcoming you to our very first MuseUp!


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