23 December: Museo del Perfume


Museo del Perfume, Barcelona, Spain

The Perfume Museum of Barcelona was founded in the early 1960s to exhibit an evolution of perfume vessels throughout history and from around the world. The collection, which consists of around 5000 perfume bottles and other vessels, is divided into two. One half takes us chronologically from the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome, to modern times. It includes everything from Ancient Greek ointment jars and a cosmetic box for black eye make up from Pre-dynastic Egypt, to a prized perfume box with two flasks that belonged to Marie Antoinette. The second half is a ‘who is who’ of the perfume world from the late 18th century until today – the perfumes are grouped by brands, regardless of which year they appeared on the market, which shows how brands have changed over the years.

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Recommended by Museum140; Photo by Jenni Fuchs



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