Our Favourite Baubles

Congratulations again to Russell for winning our Christmas Bauble Contest with his mini origami stars. We loved the idea of making them out of museum leaflets!

Since Museum140 was the organiser of the contest, none of the team were eligible to enter a bauble or to win the voters’ prize, but of course we still all had our favourites (though it was a difficult choice with all the fantastic entries) so we’ve decided to share them with you :-)


Jenni’s favourite was the “genius” knitted museum submitted by Marie from Belgium.


@thingsinjars though the bauble submitted by Nina from Denmark was “magical”.


And #MuseumBaby loved the glittery spaceman bauble :-)


And with that the Museum140 team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone for following us, taking part in our projects, and generally supporting us along the way. We’ll be back in the new year.


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