Save the Date: MuseUp at the DHM in Berlin


After our first successful MuseUp last November at the C/O Berlin, we’re pleased to announce that the next Berlin MuseUp will be taking place at the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM), so mark your diaries for 4pm on Friday 1 February.

The idea for a MuseUp at the DHM was first brought up in December, but due to the fact that the galleries at the DHM have no WiFi or phone reception, a creative alternative for had to be found. The current special exhibition at the museum is called “The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945” – so why not take that concept of freedom one step further? Instead of of letting the reception-less interior of the museum get in the way, why not just bring the museum outside? Why not make the impossible possible?

The solution was to transform a selection of artworks from the exhibition into QR codes around the exterior of the museum building. A guided tour in English as well as German will lead participants through the objects while they tweet their impressions via the hashtag #MuseUp, and as usual anyone further afield can follow everything and join in online. Afterwards, there will also be an opportunity to see the rest of the exhibition indoors.

We’d love to be able to take credit for this unique idea, but the creative brains behind it have been Roland Wagner from, together with the DHM itself. However, when they contacted us to ask if we’d like to be involved, of course we said yes!

So, if you’re in Berlin, we hope you’ll brave the winter weather and join us, Visitatio and the DHM on 1 February for our inside-out MuseUp. It also happens to be Folloa-a-Museum day on Twitter that day, so why not come and follow a museum with us for real? More details on the exhibition and how to sign up to follow shortly.


For German coverage about this event, visit the DHM Blog. Anyone new to the concept of MuseUp and Tweetups can also read up further on this in our previous post.


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