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First up, another BIG thank you to everyone who came to last Friday’s MuseUp at the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) – especially since it was outdoors, and even with the temperatures rising to a balmy +7°C in comparison to last week’s -7°C there were a couple of frozen fingers by the end of it but everyone stuck with it. Many thanks also to the DHM and visitatio.de for doing most of the organising this time round. The event – which was also part of Follow-a-Museum Day – was fully booked, with over 20 tweeters, bloggers and even someone from a local radio station taking part. As with last time, we also had many supporters following along online. In total, we archived over 700 tweets on TweetArchivist.com, which included RTs as well as tweets leading up to the event and reflecting on it afterwards. We even managed to get the hashtag #MuseUp trending in Berlin!


As a quick recap of what happened at the #MuseUp: since there was no reception inside the museum, the DHM and visitatio.de had devised the idea of bringing a selection of twelve artworks from the exhibition “Verführung Freiheit: Kunst in Europa seit 1945” (Engl: “The Desire for Freedom: Art in Europe since 1945”) outside where we’d be able to tweet during our guided tour. How that worked exactly was that QR codes for the twelve exhibits were produced, linking to the exhibition catalogue, and fixed to the exterior of the museum. Our able guide Phillippe then led us around the museum – in both German and English, hats off and many thanks! – giving everyone time at the beginning of each stop to scan the QR codes and view the exhibit he was talking about. The order of the art works was the same as you would encounter them in the exhibition, which features over 100 in total.

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We’ve created a Storify to sum up the essence of the tweets during the events, including photos and even film clips created by one of the attendees via the newly launched smart phone app Vine. As we were the only ones tweeting in English, and to reflect the MuseUp tour being delivered bilingually, we’ve just created the one Storify this time with both German and English tweets, rather than separate them out like we did for the previous MuseUp. You can view the Storify here: MuseUp am und im Deutschen Historischen Museum

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Anyone interested can also download a spreadsheet with all the #MuseUp tweets as collected by http://www.tweetarchivist.com. You can also see more Photos of the MuseUp in our Flickr group, and please add your own photos to the group too!


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