Secret Santa 2.0 – back by popular demand AGAIN

If you’ve been following Museum140 for a while, you’ll know that for the past two years we’ve organised a Secret Santa 2.0 – maybe you even took part? Everyone who signed up was given the name and address of someone in return, to whom they then had to send a surprise parcel to in time for Christmas. It could be either something you’d bought or, if you were feeling creative, something you made, along with a Christmas greeting. Around 40 people took part each year, and after several requests we are bringing the event back again this year for a third time!


The “rules” for this year are as follows:

  • If you want to take part, email us your name and postal address (you can use your work address, if you prefer) to info[at]museum140[dot]com, with the subject line “Santa”. We can only accept registrations via email, as it’s too confusing to keep track if people start signing up via other social media channels. We hope you understand.
  • Once you receive the name of your exchange partner, please make initial contact with them so they know you’ve received their details. We know this makes it not-so-secret, but it has the advantage that you can double check addresses and let each other know when you’ve sent your parcel off.
  • Then pack a little parcel for your exchange partner and send it off. To make sure it arrives in time for Christmas, we recommend posting it at least a week before, possibly even earlier if you are posting overseas. Check the Christmas posting times to make sure.
  • Remember, Secret Santa 2.0 is about fun and sharing and surprises, not about spending a fortune, so the recommended value for parcels is around £5/ $5/ €5 (plus postage).

We discovered last year, that matching up people from the same country rather than across countries made no difference to the number of parcels that got lost in the post, so this year we are going global again. Please consider that we have no control over the postal systems and that sadly some parcels don’t reach their destination. But we always try to make sure that no ones goes empty handed, so it’s important to keep in touch with us and also with your exchange partner. If for some reason you’ve signed up but can’t make it in time e.g due to illness or other sudden emergencies, people will understand if you let them know their parcel will arrive a bit later. Also, we recommend you don’t send any food if you are matched up to someone from a different country, as there is a risk that it may cause problems at customs.

So, we hope if you took part before you’ll sign up again, and if it’s your first year we hope you’ll consider joining in too. The deadline to sign up is Friday 29 November. 


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