What’s next for Museum140?

After successfully hosting the first ever Museum Marathon Berlin a couple of months ago, some of you have been asking ‘What’s next for Museum140?’

Well, for one, we will be continuing to organise Museum Tweetups (#MuseUp) here in Berlin. In fact, we have one coming up at the Palace of Tears on the 17 June. There’s still time to sign up for it!

But our main focus will continue to be online social media events, with a strong focus on Twitter but also pulling in other social media sites. We currently have two events in the pipeline:

Museums on Pinterest (#MuseumPins)

Museums on Instagram (hashtag to be confirmed)

For a while now, we’ve been maintaining databases for museums using both these sites, so these events will be a great opportunity to update those databases, raise awareness amongst museum fans of museums they could follow on those two sites, and of course encourage more museums to join.

One of the events will take place over the summer, the other most likely during Social Media Week in September (like our #MuseumABC last year). Since I have just started a new job, I’m a bit preoccupied with other things at the moment, but we will confirm the dates as soon as possible. So watch this space!

In the mean time, check out our Museums on Pinterest and Museums on Instagram databases, and let us know of any museums that should be added. We’ll do out best to update as quickly as possible.


Jenni & the Museum140 Team


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