Save the Date! Museums on Instagram – 26th August

Some of you have been asking about our planned ‘Museums on Instagram’ event, which we announced a while back, and we’re very pleased to now be able to confirm the date for Tuesday 26th August! Following the popular trend of prefacing everything with ‘insta’, we’ll be using the hashtag #InstaMuseum which is already in regular use on Instagram itself, so it makes sense to follow on from that.


If you joined us and our co-host Museum Minute earlier this year for our ‘Museum Blogs’ event, you’ll know what to expect from #InstaMuseum: the event will be a chance to share…

  • your favourite museum Instagram accounts and museum Instagrammers that you follow
  • what you yourself most like to post to Instagram when visiting museums
  • some of your favourite or most popular #InstaMuseum photos
  • interesting museum Instagram projects you may know about
  • helpful tips and advice to other museums or museum lovers wanting to get started on Instagram.

And maybe you’ll even be encouraged to go out that day and take new #InstaMuseum photos to post!

The event will take place across two platforms – Twitter, for discussions and driving traffic to Instagram though sharing links, and of course Instagram itself, for following each other, posting new photos, liking and commenting on photos. Please use the hashtag #InstaMuseum on both Twitter and Instagram to keep everything together.

As you may know, we already maintain a database of Museums on Instagram that we know of, so the event will also be an opportunity to expand that database. Any museum that follows us on Instagram will be added to the database without further having to ask, or you can send us a tweet with your Instagram user name asking us to add you (or any other museum you know off that’s not on the list yet).

So, save the date in your calendars, and we look forward to chatting and sharing with you on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday 26th August!

Edit: To add an entry to the ‘Museums on Instagram’ database, please use the new online form!


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