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InstaMuseum Announcement

Yesterday, we hosted an event across the two social media channels Instagram and Twitter, to celebrate ‘Museums on Instagram’. The aim was to raise awareness of museums using Instagram, encourage more museums to sign up, share favourite museum Instagram pics, and get everyone visiting museums and posting lots of new photos from their visits. In short, we wanted to create a buzz around museums on Instagram! Looking at the stats, it looks like we succeeded: between yesterday morning and today, over 2,700 tweets with the hashtag #InstaMuseum were sent, and the hashtag trended in 15 different countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey and the USA. Amazing!!

It was both exhausting and fun keeping track of the event across both channels – whilst Instagram was the focus and where all the photo action was happening, Twitter lends itself to discussion around all kinds of topics, so was the perfect platform to get people talking, sharing, and to drive some traffic from there over to Instagram. Thank you so much to everyone who took part! And for your encouraging feedback, which always makes the preparation we put in to our events seem so worth while. It was particularly heart warming to hear from museums, who had taken the event as an impetus to get started on Instagram, such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, who wrote on their blogThis morning, we posted our first photographs to Instagram” or the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, who tweeted that they were using #InstaMuseum as an excuse to start their account:

We haven’t created a Storify (some people have been asking) – instead we used all your wonderful recommendations to update our database of ‘Museums on Instagram which we started at the beginning of the year. Thanks to your help, we’ve managed to add over 180 new entries to the list this week! This brings the total of museums currently listed in our database to 328! We know there are even more out there to be discovered and want to keep adding to the database even now the event is over, but since the search on Instagram isn’t always 100% reliable, we rely on people letting us know. You can easily do so by submitting the details of the relevant museums via our handy little online form.

Twitter Trend Map #InstaMuseum 26 August 2014

#InstaMuseum trending around the world! Screen shot: (26 Aug 2014, 3:45pm)


And instead of reading through posts via a Storify, we want to encourage you to head over to Instagram and browse the pictures right there! If you type in the hashtag #InstaMuseum in the Explore section of Instagram, you will find many wonderful museum photos from around the world, both from museums themselves and museum visitors. As we’ve said before, we didn’t invent the hashtag, it was already in use on Instagram. What we wanted, was to give it a bit of a boost, and with your help we managed to succeed – on Tuesday morning there were just over 4500 photos tagged with #InstaMuseum. 24 hours later, that number had risen to 6150. That means that through the event, over 1500 new #InstaMuseum pics were posted!

So, thanks again to everyone who took part, tweeted, posted, sent us links or supported the event in any other way. Keep instagramming! (and see you soon for a similar event on Pinterest…)



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