Save the Date! #InstaMuseum 2016 – Thursday 13th October

You have have heard that we just published the most recent update of our Museums on Instagram masterlist! The reason for the timing, is that we are now ready to announce this year’s #InstaMuseum Day! Due to other things happening over the summer that have taken up our time, this year’s #InstaMuseum Day is a little later than usual, but we hope it will still fit in to your schedules.

Following previous years’ very successful #InstaMuseum days, we are bringing this day back by popular demand from the community, to celebrate museums on Instagram with you all,and create a buzz!


If you joined us in the previous years, you’ll already know what to expect from #InstaMuseum: the event will be a chance to share…

  • your favourite museum Instagram accounts and museum Instagrammers that you follow
  • what you yourself most like to post to Instagram when visiting museums
  • some of your favourite or most popular #InstaMuseum photos
  • interesting museum Instagram projects you may know about
  • helpful tips and advice to other museums or museum lovers wanting to get started on Instagram.

As in previous years, you are welcome to share both previously taken museum photos, but hopefully many of you will also be encouraged to take and share new #InstaMuseum photos taken on the day itself .

The event will take place across two platforms – Twitter, for discussions and driving traffic to Instagram though sharing links, and of course Instagram itself, for following each other, posting new photos, liking and commenting on photos. Please use the hashtag #InstaMuseum on both Twitter and Instagram to keep everything together.

As mentioned above, we already maintain a masterlist of Museums on Instagram that we know of, so the event will also be an opportunity to expand that even more. You can use the online form to add your museum (or any other museum you know off that’s not on the list yet). Please note the list is updated manually as we verify each submission first,  so if you add a museum via the form, it won’t appear on the list straight away. And if you notice any typos, duplicates or other errors, please let us know and we’ll correct it asap. You can reach us via Twitter or using the contact form on this site.

So, save the date in your calendars, and we look forward to chatting and sharing with you on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday 13th October!

NEWSFLASH (09/10/16): For anyone who is up for a little extra challenge, we are now introducing something new this year: #InstaMuseum Mini Bingo!Instamuseum Mini Bingo v2

From all the people who manage to complete a row (up, down or diagonally) we will pick two names at random to win a small prize. The middle square is a ‘free square’, by the way. To take part, just make sure you include both the hashtags #InstaMuseum and #MiniBingo when you post your images on Instagram, and include the Bingo category in your image description (up, down, big, small etc). NOTE: Although we are using Twitter to discuss #InstaMuseum throughout the day, images for the #MiniBingo MUST be submitted on INSTAGRAM to qualify, i.e. images shared only on other social media channels will not be considered. It is #InstaMuseum Day after all!



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