#InstaMuseum Mini Bingo

Only a few more days to go until this year’s #InstaMuseum Day! We hope you all have Thursday 13th October marked in your diaries. As in previous years, you are welcome to share both previously taken museum photos, as well as new photos taken on the day itself – and for anyone who is up for a little extra challenge, we are introducing something new this year: #InstaMuseum Mini Bingo!


Instamuseum Mini Bingo v2

From all the people who manage to complete a row (up, down or diagonally) we will pick two names at random to win a small prize. The middle square is a ‘free square’, by the way. To take part, just make sure you include both the hashtags #InstaMuseum and #MiniBingo when you post your images on Instagram, and include the Bingo category in your image description (up, down, big, small etc). NOTE: Although we are using Twitter to discuss #InstaMuseum throughout the day, images for the #MiniBingo MUST be submitted on INSTAGRAM to qualify, i.e. images shared only on other social media channels will not be considered. It is #InstaMuseum Day after all!


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