SAVE THE DATE: #MuseumOskars 2017


Happy February, everyone! We hope you’ve had a good start to the new year, which seems to be progressing at top speed. But let’s take a moment to pause, and look back at some of the best museums from the past year. This month, we are inviting you to take part once again in the Museum Oskars*! Your chance to share your favourite museums and best museum experiences.

Having taken your feedback from the past years on board, we have moved this event to February – which is also when the Academy Awards, a.k.a. The Oscars (note the difference in spelling!), take place – since that’s what gave us the inspiration in the first place, and also because people felt it would be easier to remember. And your feedback has also prompted us to change the format of the Museum Oskars around a little. Everyone loved the idea, but the voting forms were not proving popular. People just want to tweet about it then and there, not fill in a long form. We totally understand and agree, so this year, we are going to try something new and make the Museum Oskars a Twitter event!

From Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd February, we will be inviting to share your favourite museums and best museum experiences of the past year! Just to be clear, not your favourite/ best museums of all time, just out of the ones you visited in the past year. We will have the same twelve categories as in previous Museum Oskars, concentrating on four each day (similar to the format we had for Museum ABC and Museum Rainbow), but you will be able to join in any time. We’ll also be making badges again for each category, which you will be welcome to use in your tweets. At the end of the week, we will collect all the tweets for each category in a Storify.

So, just to recap:

  1. Join us Monday 20th – Wednesday 22nd February on Twitter
  2. Tweet your favourite museums for each category – or those relevant to you – using the hashtag #MuseumOskars
  3. Read the Storifies at the end of the week (optional)

The museums themselves don’t win anything – other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone loves you a lot, which actually we think is quite a good prize. And they can also display the relevant badges on their websites or social media profiles, if they so wish.

To give you a heads up, in case you need some time to think about it, here are the 12 categories:

  • Best temporary/ special exhibition
  • Best interactive museum experience
  • Best museum event
  • Best effort for accessibility
  • Most family friendly museum venue
  • Friendliest staff experience
  • Best museum audio guide
  • Best museum cafe/ restaurant
  • Best museum shop
  • Biggest WOW moment
  • Best ‘Hidden Gem’ discovery
  • Personal favourite from the past year

By the way, in case you are wondering why there aren’t any questions about best use of digital/social media etc, this decision was taken early on because there are already plenty of awards out there for that. We wanted to concentrate on the good old fashioned physical museum visits and experiences. Finally, you are welcome to share the same museum for several categories, and to share museums you work or volunteer at, but maybe also try to share some other museums you have visited too. There is plenty of museum love to go around!

*In case you are wondering about the choice of spelling, the Museum Oskars are named in honour of our team mascot :)



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