Welcome to Museum140 – we strive to bring together museums and museum lovers worldwide through fun and engaging social media projects! Museum140 was founded in Edinburgh in March 2011 by Jenni Fuchs, who quickly persuaded her digital ninja of a husband to provide the necessary technical support. Since then we’ve run several one off events on different social media platforms, with a strong focus on Twitter, as well as launching our two long-term projects Adopt-a-Museum and Museum Souvenirs. In November 2012 we ventured offline for the first time with our first ever museum tweetup (MuseUp), and in January 2013 officially welcomed Hie-suk Yang on to the team, who will be chiefly supporting us with organising further MuseUps.

Meet the Team

jenni Jenni Fuchs is a thirty-something museologist currently living in Berlin where she works for the National Museums managing their social media. Previously, she lived in Edinburgh for over half her life, where she worked for National Museums Scotland in audience research, among other things, and she has also interned for National Museums Wales and the Smithsonian. Jenni founded Museum140 to bring together museums and museum lovers through fun and engaging social media projects. In her free time, she writes her popular blog Museum Diary, which she describes as “a personal journey around the museums of the world”. Her mission in life is to dispel the myth that museums are the dusty, boring places many people still perceive them to be.


simon At various points in the past, 
Simon (a.k.a. @thingsinjars) has been a Comedian, Comedy Writer, Chinese Take-out Cook, Cartoonist, Taxi Driver, Game Designer, Gig Promoter and lived in the Scottish Highlands, the English Oxford and the Japanese Tokyo. He now lives in the German Berlin. As the tech side of Museum140, he builds the microsites behind projects like Museum Memories and MusCafe as well as as generally fixing things when they break. In his spare time, he’s a Senior Engineer on here.com.



MuseumBaby #MuseumBoy is our team mascot. He also does important jobs like pick names out of a hat for prize draws or Secret Santa. Museum140 is kind of his fault, as Jenni was missing her work at the museum while she was at home looking after him and came up with the idea as a way to stay at the pulse of things. At four years of age he has already visited countless museums in several different countries. His favourite museums include the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the Deutsches Technikmuseum and the Jüdisches Museum in Berlin.