Our longest running project puts some of the unsung heroes of the museum world into the spotlight. What museum would you adopt if you could?

You’ve all seen them, the lists that regularly circulate around the internet – whether it’s the most attended, most popular, best museums or top museums in the world, it’s always the usual suspects that get a name check. But what about the unsung heroes of the museum world?

In April, the Museum140 team visited the Deutsches Röntgen Museum in Lennep, Germany, and was blown away by how amazing it was. We were also shocked to discover they only have 30 visitors on average a day. Why did more people not know about this gem of a museum? At that moment, the idea for ‘Adopt-a-Museum’ was born. As the name implies, the idea is that people ‘adopt’ a museum they would like to champion. Of course, it’s not a real adoption, there’s no money or other official sponsorship involved, think of it in the sense of being an ambassador.

The Adopt-a-Museum blog regularly features new ‘adoptions’, and you can participate by commenting on the relevant posts, or checking out the museum locations on the map. And if you end up visiting one of our adopted museums as a result of this project, we’d love to hear about it. Of course, you can also take part by adopting a museum yourself – just contact us at Museum140 and we’ll send you the short questionnaire to complete.

And if you’re tweeting about it at all, please use the hashtag #adoptamuseum – thanks!

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