Museum Cafés & Cake Recipes

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our 1st birthday by sending us cake recipes & joining us on Twitter for a chat about your favourite museum cafés!

Birthdays are always exciting, but 1st birthdays in particular. We founded Museum140 on 19 March, which meant our first birthday fell on a #MuseumMonday  – how perfect was that? Our birthday celebrations were two-fold:

1. Collecting Cake Recipes

Where’s there’s a birthday, there’s cake, so in the lead up to our birthday, we invited you all to help us find the perfect birthday cake by sending in your favourite cake recipes. You could either share your recipes by posting them on our blog and sharing the link, or if you could just email us your recipes. We collected all the cake photos on our Pinterest birthday board (by blogging or sending us your recipes you gave your consent for us to pin them. It went without saying that you should have taken the photographs yourself or have had permission to use them, and the same went for crediting your sources on any recipes you hadn’t created yourself). Where there’s a birthday, there’s also goodie bags, so went sent some out as a thank you to the four bakers who submitted their recipes by Sunday 18 March.

2. Twitter Chat about Museum Cafés

Where do you eat cake? In a café! So, on 19 March (our actual birthday) we thought it would be nice to have a day dedicated to museum cafés (or other museum eateries such as bistros or restaurants, we were using café as an umbrella term). We were around on Twitter all day to chat with you about your favourite museum cafés, ones to recommend (or avoid?), best lunch, best cake, best for special diets, best for families, best value for money etc – you name it, we wanted to hear about it. In case you missed it or you wanted to check read over some of the recommendations again, we wrote a summary of all the #MusCafe conversations, which you can read over on our blog, and all the tweets have been archived on our #MusCafe micro site.

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