In the run up to International Museum Day 2012, we asked you to share what inspires you about museums, what lights your spark? What is your MuseoSpark?

Many people enquired whether we’ll be repeating our very successful Museum Memories day (#MusMem) from 2011. The answer was, yes and no.Museum Memories was a run up event to International Museums Day, which had Museums and Memory as its theme last year. That’s why we asked  you to share you most memorable museum moments. So, this year we had another run up event, but it wasn’t about memories this time.

This theme for International Museums Day 2012 was Museums in a Changing World: New challenges, New inspirations. We decided to focus on the ‘inspiration’ part, so this year we asked you: What inspires you about museums? What is it that lit – and still lights – your spark? What’s your #MuseoSpark?

And that’s not all. We’ve been supporting @Culturetheme‘s monthly themes from the start, and in return they’ve been supporting our projects, but #MuseoSpark marked the first time we teamed up to run a joint project. As we were both planning on doing something for International Museums Day, it made sense for us to do something together.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on 17th May 2012 on Twitter to share your #MuseoSpark with us!

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