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Museum Memories #MusMem

Museum Memories Day (#MusMem) first took place in 2011, as a run up to International Museum Day (IMD), and was a global success! The theme for IMD that year was Museum and Memory, and over 1,300 individual twitterers took part in the event, making #MusMem trend in twelve countries worldwide including Australia, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Canada & the USA, and we also had tweets from other countries that did not show up on the trend map.

The event was so successful that we have repeated it almost every year since then, and by popular request we are bringing Museum Memories Day back again in 2016! This year it will take place on Thursday 12th May. Once more we’ll be asking you to share your most memorable museum moments with us on Twitter. Whether you work in a museum or are an enthusiastic visitor, everyone is invited to tweet their museum memories with the hashtag #MusMem.

Your earliest museum visit? The first time you saw an Egyptian mummy up close? Your first museum job? Maybe you got engaged or even married in a museum?

Whatever your most lasting museum memories were, we want to hear about them! And this year we are encouraging everyone to tweet in their own language, if they like. We feel it opens up the topic even more, as memories and language are both very emotionally connected. Thanks to the Twitter translate function, it’s easy for anyone to follow along. Just make sure you use the hash #MusMem as it is, so we can still find all the tweets :)

You can read a summary of Museum Memories Day 2011 and Museum Memories Day 2013 in our blog, and a picture summary of Museum Memories Day 2014 over on Storify.

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