M is for Museum

The last week in September (23 – 27) is Social Media Week in several cities throughout the world, including Berlin where we are currently based, so we wanted to do something special. As we’ve not done a photography based project for a while, we thought it was about time again.

What we’d like to do, is create a “Museum ABC” with you. A is for… B is for… you get the idea! All throughout Social Media Week you’ll be invited to share your museum related pictures relating to the individual letters of the alphabet, e.g. objects, locations, architecture etc. At the end of the week we’ll collate a selection from each of the letters in to Pinterest boards.

Taking part is as easy as ABC (sorry…)

1. Share your pictures on Twitter or Instagram and tag them with #MuseumABC

2. Add your pictures to our Flickr group.

Be sure to add the letter (e.g. “A is for”) and what it stands for (e.g. “A is for Art”) in your tweet, Instagram caption or Flickr description, so that we know which letter to assign it to. And it would also be good to know where/ at which museum your photo was taken.

A couple of important points

When sharing your MuseumABC photos, please:

  • Only share photos that you have either taken yourself or that you own the rights to.
  • Don’t share photos of people without their consent. 
  • Respect the photography policies of any museums you are sharing images from.

Please note that by sharing and tagging your images with #MuseumABC, you give your consent for them to be pinned to our Pinterest boards, as well as being used here on our website & blog, and our Facebook page, in the context of reporting about the MuseumABC project. If there is any doubt about ownership or copyright of photos, we will contact you before using them.

Thank you & we look forward to seeing your photos!

(Photo taken at the Buchstabenmuseum in Berlin by Jenni Fuchs)

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