FAQ: Where do you find the time for all your projects?

Time to answer another ‘Ask Us Anything’. One question we get asked A LOT is where on earth we find the time for all our projects. The short answer is, we don’t sleep enough ;-) Haha, no, seriously, we’re just so passionate about museums we manage make time some way or another. It would be […]


FAQ: Can I write a guest post for your blog?

Time to answer another ‘Ask Us Anything’ question. We’ve been asked a couple of times by people whether they can write a guest post for our blog. We mostly use our blog to keep everyone up to date with our projects, or to answer questions like we’re doing now, so it’s difficult to have guest […]


FAQ: Where do you get your ideas for Museum140 from?

Time to answer another ‘Ask Us Anything’ question. Quite often we get asked where we get the ideas for our projects from. Sometimes ideas just come to us, e.g. Adopt-a-Museum happened because we were visiting the Röntgen Museum in Germany and were shocked by how under-visited it was. We wanted to shout out about it […]


FAQ: Will you be repeating Museum Memories Day this year?

Time to answer another “Ask us Anything!” question. Many people have enquired whether we’ll be repeating our very successful Museum Memories day (#MusMem) from 2011. The answer is ‘yes and no’. Museum Memories was a run up event to International Museums Day, which had Museums and Memory as its theme last year. That’s why we asked  you to […]